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Business Help Desk was born in February 2002 after the multiple crashes of the twin towers on September 11 and Ansett Airlines. The market was hit hard, the fear of travel for that short period virtually collapsed the whole industry. At this time most companies in this sector were flurrying for a position in a new market under the new conditions. The status quo changed in a big way. How? – Prior to Sept 11, companies were happily humming away in their niche market. After Sept 11 and the loss of Ansett Airlines a few days later. New players emerged as their market had disintegrated overnight. Why? The collapse of Ansett Airlines reduced the market size reduced by 50% overnight.

As new market sectors were formed because of the changes. Our founder and CEO Newman Emanouel came up with the brainchild of Business Help Desk. The concept is simple why do the big corporates with the big purse strings have access to the best systems, business intelligence and tools.

Newman Emanouel


The simple answer was "because they can pay for it", well BHD is changing that. Our philosophy is to provide that big business know how at a cost where small business can afford. To take advantage of and to grow their customer base and profits. This was prevalent back in the early part of this century and even more now.

In addition, we are there to assist businesses and business people to embrace the changes that we are currently faced with. Due to the technology revolution, we will be faced with any more challenges making it important to be ahead of the competition. Therefore we work with people and companies to ensure that their technology assets are being maximised. Help the people that run that business to be more competitive in the current economic climate.

Our commitment to excellence reflects in the work we do, consistently providing timely personal attention to our clients' needs and the utilisation of world best practice is instrumental achieving your result.

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Working with Newman has been a tremendous learning experience. He not only has great knowledge of business but also has a very amicable way of resolving business issues and ensuring that business outcomes are achieved in an efficient manner. (Rubina Usman B.E. (Mechanical) MBA Consultant Fenwick Software