Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Help Desk delivers a wide range of business solutions to realise your business goals. Working with the business stakeholders, our expert consultants utilise the power of technology to deliver a cost-effective strategic business solution.

Virtual/Interim CFO

Our experienced CFO’s will help you drive costs down and profits up..

Business Coaching

The value in a Business Coach is having to answer the hard questions.

System Integration

Integrating your technology to unlock the power it can bring to your business.

Navigating Change

The business environment changes on a daily basis. Making navigating a business through the disruption, a turbulent and challenging task. A successful business in today’s economic climate is one that is able to call upon experts to guide you to your destination. In order to successfully maneuver the ship on the path set by the leadership team. The team at Business Help Desk will work with you to develop the business solutions and to help map the right course. To maintain a competitive playing field to guarantee the future goals of the business are attained.

Digital Economy

The digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organisations do business. However, this rapid adoption of new technologies demands significant cultural change and challenges traditional business models. Business Help Desk will design and deliver the right business solution. We deliver value and performance through our mastery of digital advances, information insight and business transformation and integration.


Our Strategy Development program can help deliver sustainable competitive advantages, through long-term vision and the development of actionable tasks or tactics. Our work will cover the development of strategies to deliver growth and business optimisation. Resulting in a competitive advantage through strategic planning and execution.


Digital Disruption


Business Solutions

The fast pace innovation of technology products is creating opportunities for people to take advantage of. Destroying the barrier to entry in a lot of industries. Companies are now having to compete with low-cost operators producing the same if not better service or product. With potentially a 10th of the cost of the regular business or manufacturer. This pace of change has been termed “Digital Disruption” and it’s not going to go away in the near future. Companies around the world are reviewing their ability to compete in this new business world and developing long term strategies to utilise the power technology can bring to the business.

The rate of change

Technologies such as mobile phones, social media, the cloud, etc. Are creating information rich environments to drive the change and forcing leaders to rethink their levels of efficiency. As they take advantage of these tools, they are creating a lower cost to market products. New distribution channels and re-engineering new ways of doing business as we know it.

Understanding technology and how it can improve your business is overwhelming. Business Help Desk will work with the leaders of the business to develop a pathway for your business. To capture the power technology can offer and help you implement these tools to improve profitability. The overwhelming positive of all this change is that the products being rolled out are not overly complicated and do not need you to employ Tech Gurus to manage. They are simple cost effective alternative to bringing a product to market and generating new ways of sending the message out to the consumer.

Need Help ...

Our Virtual CFO program has the ability to implant a senior experienced business advisor into your business. To work alongside your management team, guiding and building a platform for success. If you need more help, BHD offers a Business Coach program. This program can deliver the expertise you need to guide and manage your business along the growth path in a manner that is controllable and geared to provide you with the tools to manage the growth successfully.