Mergers & Acquisitions

A Mergers & Acquisitions within a business is defined as a time in the lifecycle of a business. This is when organic growth is no longer enough to satisfy stakeholders. The likely outcome is the search for a merger with a like mergers & acquisitions business occurs. Creating synergies and economies of scale. Another option would be to make an acquisition, where a complete income stream is acquired, doubling your business overnight. It doesn’t matter which stage you are currently in, the business support services team is there to help

Are taking your business to the next level by going down the acquisition path?

The team at Business Help Desk is available to act as advisers and trusted partners. To manage the deal throughout the whole process. Whether you are buying a business. Divesting a small part of your business that does not fit into the grand plan anymore. Or simply had enough and need an exit strategy to ride off into the sunset. Our corporate advisory team will be the security behind you to ensure the plan comes together.

Our Team

We are specialists in negotiating, marketing, selling or buying the right business to fill the void needed to make a small business a great business.

Our team will help anyone that has a need in this area. Whether it is a small transaction or a million dollar project we can find, set up and then take the deal to successful completion.

Our Business Coach service can assist you pre-sale. We can bring your Technology platform into the 21st Century and generally provide a one stop shop to enable you to recieve the best reqard for your efforts in growing and running your most prized asset.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision. Simply Contact Us. We act as an independent corporate adviser. Work alongside you and your leadership team to deliver the right outcome.

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