The Search Engine World

In the Digital World we live in, business is finding more that they need to have a presence on the world wide web. Being online is only the first step in having a successful digital presence. To be seen and found by potential customers from all around the world. As a result many new and existing businesses are using companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft to aid in that brand and product awareness.

Business Help Desk has been delivering cost effective search engine optimisations strategies for many years. Although we will never have the absolute correct answer, we believe we can help you make a point of difference on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation


SEO means “search engine optimisation.” It is the process of directing traffic to your web site through organic searches. Without any aided advertising tools such as Google Ad Words. This is a process of making search engines such as Google, Bing and others aware of the presence of your web site on the internet.

Therefore, it is a service that many web developers offer, but rarely do effectively. Most of all performing SEO on your web site is like performing a 20,000 Klm service on your car. Once the mechanic has followed the correct procedure of taking care of the maintenance items. The car will run effectively and efficiently. SEO is the same process, change the oil, change the filter and follow the correct process as detailed in the owners manual. Your web site will also run more effectively and be top of mind in google search you want to be listed in.

Business Help Desk will ensure your web site is designed and built. In a way that Google, Bing and other search engines are satisfied that your digital footprint is authentic. As a result your web site will be listed on search results you designate to be on.

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing like SEO is another process of utilising strategies of SEO on better marketing your business. The process of SEO is more directed at the way your web site is built. Search engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of using tools such as Ad Words. To improve how your web site will rank in a search. Therefore the two go hand in hand. SEO builds the skeleton and SEM is the process of dressing the skeleton with high visibility clothing.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s face paced mobile device world. The traditional strategies used to market you products and services are no longer viable. The digital world has changed the way we show off our wears to the world. Today the number of social media channels available. Provide small to medium sized companies a cheaper alternative to the traditional radio and tv advertising of the past. Social media has become the new channel being used by most companies today. With over 2.8 billion users, there is certainly a greater opportunity to communicate to your customer.

The Choice

With over 2.8 billion users, there is certainly a greater opportunity to communicate to your customer. Choosing a company to partner with is now the enormous challenge. There are many companies that provide this service and do so effectively. The point of difference with Business Help Desk is that we are coming from a users perspective. We have expereinced the pain an suffering on your side and now we can help and partner with you to make that point of difference on the web. Using some of the many social media channels available.

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