Systems Integration

System Integration

In the last decade, system integration has been the key factor for companies spending millions of dollars on implementing new computer systems. Predominantly to integrate legacy systems that did not cohabitate.  When these enormous projects finished, the implementation teams go on to other projects. Taking the knowledge they had created in the process of implementation with them. What is more disturbing is that the final installation never quite resembles the original concept sold. The loss of staff means the knowledge transfer is limited. Making these million dollar systems gigantic calculators. Used by accounting teams to prepare monthly financial data. At BHD we saw this as a huge problem and went out developing programs to help overcome the big learning curve that the people on hand had to endure. We help you to re-establish the knowledge, develop the processes and maximise the thousands of dollars invested.

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BHD at Work

Our Systems Integration team have developed and learnt from many different organisations over the years. To come up with simple programs to help users take control again. Fine tune their requirements to have these tools work for the business and not in the business. Systems Integration is a now an integral part of any corporate strategy streamlining business process and delivering the efficiency gains originally proposed.

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What we offer

  • Information Management Service
  • Office Automation
  • Custom Solutions
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP – Solutions
  • JD Edwards, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Axapta, Navision

But wait there is more…

  • Report Writing
  • Crystal Reports
  • Data Mining Services
  • Web based solutions

How can you take control again

BHD can solve that, our Systems Integration team can revive that large asset and help you to re-educate your teams. To utilise the true functionality of the system originally intended and realise the financial gain as a result. As part of the process, we will look at other systems sitting in isolation and provide a solution to add to the gains. We can also help to integrate all your systems to talk to each other. Meaning you no longer have to run a report from one system and re-type that information into another system. We will make sure you have all information integrated and working for you. To provide the information and tools required to grow your business to its full capacity.

Why System Integration is important

To enhance performance and gain competitive advantage, our talented professionals help clients define the strategies, build the systems and optimise to achieve the transformation. We can ensure that

  • Your systems align to your corporate strategies and can deliver benefit to you and your business
  • Provide the tools you need to measure your success timely and accurately
  • Deliver practical innovative business solutions
  • Deliver the completed project to you on time and on budget
  • Develop an information tool to provide Management tools to run the business

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