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What is a Technology Coach?

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Technology and the pursuit of knowledge are becoming a bigger part of our lives. With the power of a computer in our hands, and the knowledge of a monkey to effectively use them. We all need to get a better handle on how to take advantage of the investment we have made? Until now, we have relied on the younger generation to provide the expertise to maximise the use of technology. In the last 10 years, the Technology Coach has evolved and is now playing a big part of our lives.

Who did we turn to

As Google is becoming more of a best friend, rather than a major technology organisation. It seems only yesterday that the PC came into our lives. The excitement of a new toy to learn and conquer was the focus of every boardroom conversation. Now that we began the year 2018, the amount of technology that we have access to has grown out of our control. The next step is to be able to find a service that can give you the answers when you need them.

What Use to happen

In the late 90’s and 00’s, many organisations had the ability to employ a small but effective IT Team. These young geeks looked after the computers. Made sure the backup tapes were swapped over and kept the main computer room icy cold. The problems were, they couldn’t communicate effectively with the older generations. Making tech support a function that was very frowned upon by senior management who were always frustrated. By the lack of return on the thousands of dollars spent on the equipment and the people maintaining them.

It’s forever changing

Technology evolved more and became easier to use. This meant we were no longer tied to the technology teams and more and more people were able to self-manage their technology. Making a lot of the “IT Experts” redundant and were destined to create new industries. The advent of the smartphones made support easier and more accessible. This then became the era of the “Apps”.

Now that we have all the apps and the tools to use them. There is too much to manage and we are inundated with technology that we simply cannot stay abreast of.

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Enter the “Technology Coach”

The technology coach is a service we provide to help you get a better handle on what your tools are doing. What they can do more of to allow you to optimise not only your website but your life and business. We have many different tools, applications, apps, etc available to improve the way we manage our lives and business. Business Help Desk provides a Help Desk service to assist you on the go. Meaning, we can remotely support your hardware software and your staff to create the efficient and effective environment to maximise your investment. Our team of Technology Coaches will design the right model to help you get on top of your technology.

Need a technology coach that is not a geek and can communicate with you

Simply call now and your technology coach will be on the other end of the phone to solve your problems quickly to get you back on track

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