Virtual CFO

Research shows that businesses who engage a Virtual CFO are much more successful when they have the clarity, focus and financial discipline that an experienced CFO brings to the table.

However, a lot of businesses cannot afford a good full-time CFO and that’s where Business Help Desk can provide resources like a Virtual CFO. Meaning your CFO will be watching from a distance or in your office, whichever is best suited for your business.

Virtual CFOOur experience is that you get the greatest strategic and operational value from an experienced CFO by engaging them for an over an minimum 12 month period to work alongside to develop and drive business growth . This is where you get the skills and experience of a Corporate CFO who works alongside you, the beauty is that you don’t have to employ them on a full-time basis but rather our Virtual CFO will come in on an as-needed basis. Working behind the scene to develop strategies to expand your business horizons.

We are experts at working with complex and fast paced companies that need help with the many problems, business owners encounter in today’s ever changing world. We are also experts at leveraging the latest technology to move your business to a paperless environment. Automating a lot of the back office so you are completely focused on growing your business and dealing with customers.

Examples of what a Virtual CFO can do for your business

  • Manage your cash flow and banking/funding relationships
  • Help you budget properly for your business and provide strategic advice when you need it
  • Recruit, build and run your finance function including tax compliance
  • Manage the month end reporting process
  • Develop best practice KPI reports and management information
  • Manage your costs
  • Help with risk management

A Virtual CFO will do their best work when you are:

  • Growing quickly and have a number of issues you need help with, but can’t afford a full-time CFO
  • Growing quickly and need better strategic planning and monthly reporting to manage your business better
  • Need help getting your business into shape to sell it or raise more money
  • Need a better run finance team
  • Have serious issues in your business that you need help with

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