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Web Design

Web Design

Web design and deployment have now become an integral part of being in business today. The world of window shopping is now on the world wide web. Where all business owners parade their products and services. Developing a Digital Strategy is becoming more complex. While companies such as Google are creating new industries, new jobs of the future and economic prosperity. Evolving in this era of Digital Change Business Help Desk has been developing and deploying Web and Digital strategies for over 10 years. Working with companies to create an online platform to provide the simplicity and automation to close the sale process.

With over 80% of business searches now being online, it is imperative to have a web site telling people what you do. Now that we are moving closer and closer to a paperless society. Digital is gaining momentum to be the source of all information. We can help you develop an online strategy and customise your site to your individual business needs. Our team of developers will create a complete solution to ensure you are seen online.

Designing and creating websites is our focus and over the years we have been able to create some unique things. Tools and tricks that will help in creating a solution specific to your needs. Using PHP and WordPress as our primary development tools we are able to create both online solutions that are mobile friendly to enable a good shopping experience for all. To better know and understand what type of business you are running. How best to contact you to complete the sale process.

BHD will provide a complete end to end solution, our services will cover all facets of the Web Design journey from:

  • New website creation from concept to completion
  • Website refresh
  • Social media setups e.g. on-site and off-site blogs, business Facebook, Twitter and more
  • E-Commerce website creation with seamless online credit card or Paypal processing
  • Content management systems – we build the website, you can maintain it from any browser worldwide
  • Search engine optimisation services to get your website to the top in search engines
web design

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